Friday, June 11, 2010

Lazy days on the Aegean islands - Mykonos Greece!

Mykonos; The pelican's island!

I have always admired Mykonos island, since the day I saw some of its most colorful pictures a few years back... Since then, I had put Mykonos on my list of places to do...

The island fares better than what those picture told... Infact, it's extremely gorgeous! Really, really, gorgeous! The same goes for its people, too!

Anyway, the view from the aircraft was so amazing! I could only see little white buildings perching on the cliffs... as if watching over the great, beautiful Aegean sea...

“Hi!!! Welcome to Mykonos!!! You are finally here!!!” Helena exclaimed, as she greets us at the airport. A couple of months ago, we had communicated quite frequently on the internet to make the arrangements. Helena runs her family's private hotel, and had offered to pick us up at the airport. Two other sweet American girls joined us in the shuttle to the hotel, too... The four of us were made extremely excited by the sceneries that dotted the 10-minute route...

"Beautiful, huh?" added Helena in her thick local accent... I totally agreed with her, busy snapping pictures almost every second of the breathtaking ride!
Driving in Mykonos was quite challenging as most roads were narrow and winding, criss-crossing over hills...

I was left speechless by the beauty of the island... Every single corner was so picturesque. My travel partner En Arip could only agree with me...

Lucky thing we had slightly over a week to take in the Mykonos scene, including its cycladic sister-islands of Delos & Santorini... We arrived without any pre-set, big plans. In fact, the only priority we had was to just rest and relax.
Here is Petros, Mykonos' pelican patron. It was huge, yet very tame! All along, I had expected it to be small in size!

I'll write more about this island in future entries!

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muhamadakmalwahab said...

now i must put this pelican island as one of my must do as well...hehehe

bluecrystaldude said...

Very beautiful! I only knew Mykonos from the song of Fleet Foxes ;)

Anonymous said...

summer season sana warna cekelat yer muka bumi pokok2 byk


President said...

1 word.

bestnya kamu dapat pegi ke sana, wahdi...

wahdi said...

Akmal-ko kene pegi gak bro!
Bluecyrstaldude- love that song so much!!

wahdi said...

Mr Mussel- agak tandus actually
President- thnx!!

greece_traveller said...

Your blog is very interesting, good job! I am a new blogger and because of my love for Santorini (a Greek island) I started my blog, Santorini Greece. Check it out.

Noreha said...

thanks for sharing those beautiful photos - really enjoy it. thanks again. Hmm ntah bila nak sampai sana... tengok gambar pun cukup la :-)

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