Monday, August 23, 2010

Mykonos at night

I have tonnes of pictures of Mykonos at night time. Would love to share some of them here... Most shops in Mykonos close at 11PM, but party until early next morning. But closing time for restaurants and cafes was midnight... To those who love shopping, shopping at night in Mykonos is better than Paris, Milan & St. Moritz!


The church of Panagia at night...

Taken from Little venice... mari menyusuri lorong2 sempit di Mykonos;

From Hilfiger to Hermes, u name it!

Greek Cheese!

My fave restaurant for dinner...

Great service, nice ambiance & good greek food! the most I like is their stuffed Artichokes (the orange plate in the picture)

Grilled fresh Sardine...yumm! Overall night life in Mykonos keeps everyone awake!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

My Mykonos haircut

Some people love having their hair cut before travelling... But I prefer to have mine at the destination of my visit. To me, by having my hair cut during the vacation is an activity that connects me to their people and culture... I am not one who would go to a modern hair saloon. Rather, I prefer the traditional barber shop.

When I was in Mykonos, I had my haircut at midnight!. The barber runs his shop with his son, with the son serving young customers while he serves the older ones.

The son was so cool to share many things and tips while he cut my hair. I noticed that he used a kind of weird triple-layer comb to trim my hair - something which I have never seen before. I had asked him to cut my hair to the most current, hottest style in Mykonos ^_^

I had asked Mr Cafe Elysium to take care my DSLR while I get my hair cut, and he took all of these pictures below. Thanks bro!

That's the weird triple-layer comb!
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