Monday, March 29, 2010

Roasted Tomatoes & Mussels

Yesterday, I cooked a few dishes for lunch. Anyway I cook on a daily basis nowadays! Yeah... cooking is fun, and I never seem to get bored of it!

Lately, I find myself loving simple, fresh and fast dishes... and most importantly, they must be nourishing. Whenever possible, I would shorten the cooking time too, to keep the nutrients intact.

One of my dishes is the Mussels Salad. I roasted some small tomatoes with a dash of lemon, thyme, olive oil, and glazing them with honey. Once roasted, I blended in some well roasted tomatoes, garlic, a touch of black pepper and a pinch of salt to marinate my NZ mussels prior to cooking them for a minute in a hot oven.

I shredded some carrots, cucumber and celery, and mixed them in a big bowl with some herbs and olives - and drizzled with the juice from the roasted tomatoes.
I had arranged them in the bowls, put in the roasted tomatoes along with the mussels
and it was ready to be served!
I love the salad, especially with flavors of spring and summer!

Back on a healthy diet

I was standing on the gym's scale a few weeks ago and I heard a voice behind me "Wow, 78kg!" it was my gym buddy... I replied, "I am gaining muscle mass"... unknowingly, I had added some fats, too. But, for my height I was a bit overweight!

And from that day on, I had changed my mind! Instead of getting bulky, I had decided to look leaner... And after only a few weeks, yeah I've now lost 10kgs! Nowadays, I wear pants of size 29/30"... Yippie! I don't mind my muscle not looking as big as before, as long the curves are still there :D
Am on a dairy diet, the result takes a bit of time but it has been proven! I have a huge yummylicious bowl of cereal every morning. Which means, I've to stock an ample supply of milk in my fridge.
I love HL low fat milk! Anyway, they have a promotion going on, where two boxes of milk will get you a cereal bowl for free! I've collected 8 bowls so far. Altough they look a bit girlish to me, they look nice for photography...
Which is your favourite colour?
Me? I still love green! Oh yes, as mentioned before, they look great in picture, right?
Anyway, no more junk snacks while watching TV! Nowadays, I eat fruits.... lots of fruits!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Accidentally red

I was about to take a seat on one of those sexy red chairs... but thought I'd better snap a pic of them first, since they looked sexy and flirty! Just about then, a red car suddenly appeared - just as I clicked the shutter of my compact camera! What a phantomonium of all objects red - all in one photo!
laisse ayez quelques boissons!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Paris in contrast II

Remember this picture below, from an earlier entry?

Here are more pictures which I have managed to snap around Paris... I just wonder if they were victims of an organized syndicate... Or they had no option but to do so? I simply hope something could be done to protect them, to provide them with a better life and welfare. It doesn't matter where in the world - I just can't imagine being in their shoes! :(

Love in abundance, but how about sparing some for this destitute soul?

Muslim women begging in front of mosques in Malaysia is a common sight. This one seeks the compassion of visitors to the Catholic church of Sacre Coeur, on the hill of Montmartre...

Pity this old granny... but I love her shoes! And she stylishly carries a Louis Vuitton paper bag!
A friend of mine said "Well, at least she's 'bagging' in Paris!" I just went speechless!

*All pictures above were taken on my compact camera.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Eiffel on my Olympus E520

A collection of my most favourite Eiffel Tower pics. I have captured them with my Olympus E520 DSLR

Monday, March 1, 2010

Truly Delicious!

Yesterday, I partook the annual, traditional Yee Sang - something which has been ritualistic come every Chinese New Year. Since one of my family members has Chinese roots, it's a tradition for us to have Yee Sang during our Chinese New Year gatherings.

Chinese New Year officially ended yesterday... and luckily, I managed to have my favourite fusion-Yee Sang at Delicious - on the last day of their Yee Sang promotion yesterday! Compare yesterday's to the year before, (I had my Yee Sang at Delicious too), the portion this year was way bigger but at the same price... and it was truly delicious, as usual!
Delicious' Yee Sang last year...
Delicious' Yee Sang last year...
Delicious' Yee sang for the Tiger year of 2010!
Berrylicious Pavlova too, for everyone, yum!
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