Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jakarta - Upin & Ipin

Hi guys! I'm slightly lack of time to upload pictures from my Jakarta-Bandung trip right now. Will upload them tomorrow! Anyway, I stumbled on some pirated DVDs down the road behind my hotel. They sell them at RP 6,000 each which is about RM2! It seems that Upin & Ipin is rather popular in Indonesia, but look how bad these Jakarta pirated DVD are...
Betul! Betul! Betul!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Good Morning Jakarta - Part 1

The view from my hotel room (Sari Pan Pacific), facing the main road of Jalan M.H.Thamrin. The road has been totally clear that morning, since they closed two of its middle lanes to allow the Jakarta folks to jog,walk, and cycle on them every Sunday morning. I was simply impressed, as in a mere few hours later, the road was full of people, looking as if they were having a parade!

Talking about Sari Pan Pacific, I really like its location. It's what I would call "perfect"! However, I did feel as if I was stuck in a bygone era, due to its 1980s interior.
People slowly moving down to the spine of the road... Sari Pan Pacific on the left.
Sculpture in front of the hotel. Since the MoNas (the National Monument) was just a 10-minute walk from my hotel, I went there almost every moring before breakfast while I in Jakarta, to capture the activities in its surroundings. Here are some pictures of what can be seen in the morning around the MoNas.
Kids doing thier fishing at the fountain.

To be continued...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Visit Indonesia 2009

I just got home after being away for a week in Jakarta and Bandung.
I will write about it in my next entry!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

X wing series

From Kuala Lumpur to Gold Coast. This is my first ever experience flying with Air Asia! Take off time : 8pm.

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The beginning of the sunrise...

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Oh, I just luv the ray!

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And the clouds, too...

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First glimpse of Gold Coast!

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Look at the beach!

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A few minutes before touch down...

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We have arrived!

So far, I give Air Asia 4 stars out of 5. Everything went smoothly and on schedule. And their exotic-looking stewardesses were so nice! My presumption was really wayyyy off!

Wallpapers for animal lovers

Click on the links below the pictures, to set it as your wallpaper if you like it :)
I took both pictures at the Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney.

Kookaburra - 800 x 600

Kookaburra - 1280 x 800

Koala - 800 x 600

Koala - 1280 x 800

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