Monday, April 20, 2009

Good Morning Jakarta - Part 1

The view from my hotel room (Sari Pan Pacific), facing the main road of Jalan M.H.Thamrin. The road has been totally clear that morning, since they closed two of its middle lanes to allow the Jakarta folks to jog,walk, and cycle on them every Sunday morning. I was simply impressed, as in a mere few hours later, the road was full of people, looking as if they were having a parade!

Talking about Sari Pan Pacific, I really like its location. It's what I would call "perfect"! However, I did feel as if I was stuck in a bygone era, due to its 1980s interior.
People slowly moving down to the spine of the road... Sari Pan Pacific on the left.
Sculpture in front of the hotel. Since the MoNas (the National Monument) was just a 10-minute walk from my hotel, I went there almost every moring before breakfast while I in Jakarta, to capture the activities in its surroundings. Here are some pictures of what can be seen in the morning around the MoNas.
Kids doing thier fishing at the fountain.

To be continued...


:: NbC :: said...


1. kaum2 hawa tu jual jamu kah dgn kete sorong tu..?

2. da lama x nampak penampilan jejaka purple dlm blog ni

Bernard said...

I love the idea that the roads are closed so people can work out and do healthy activities!

And fishing in the fountain? Unheard of in Malaysia!

Aan Andes said...

Hi Wahdi,

Off topic kejap.

I just found out that enarip has privatized his blog. Hmm, if his blog is not too personal or that he won't mind sharing with me, can I request the access?

Hope you can pass this message to enarip :)

Thanks! >:D<

artisticklytouch said...

kat fountain tuh takde sign dilarang memancingkah?

oh...jejaka purple...haha lama takdak update...

wahdi said...

Kak Pinky - Depa jual air minum2, masa i ambik gambar dia tu, dia ckp "sebel" hehehehe jejaka purple tu berehat seketika lalu, kini dia muncul kembali hehe

Bernard - kan? but berapa ramai org kita nak join kat sini? hehe
byk ikan dlm kolam tu ;)

wahdi said...

Aaan Andes - he will relaunch his blog's closed for major reshuffling of content. Sure, i'll let him know! >:D<

art- takde sign dilarang mancing, sbb ia dibenarkan! jejaka pepel tgh rehat berblog he he

daSetan_7 said...

I love Indonesia very much, due to its culture. And the Indonesians are still preserving their culture until today, unlike Malaysians :P

The sculpture picture, it's really cool!! :D

Tidiey said...

i baru blk dr jakarta last week..we are stay at ascott hotel...betul2 sebelah grand maybe i jenis tak biasa dgn makanan diaorg kot...aku kena food poisoning...hilang mood nak pi shopping... :(

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