Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Macaroons du jour - Laduree

Some may say Pierre Hermé is one of the best, if not THE best, purveyors of macarons in Paris today. Their latest boutiques are located on rue Bonaparte and rue de Vaugirard. I've tried theirs before but still, in my opinion, Laduree's macarons are still the best in many aspects. My favourite flavour is still raspberry... I love the way it melts in my mouth!
As usual, the most efficient public transport in Paris...

Bicycle rental. Simply swipe your credit card, and you get to use it for free up to 30 minutes... There are plenty of such bicycle stations - you may return the bike at any station.
I simply love this huge blue door... Spotted it on my way to Laduree...

Here is the famous Laduree, on Rue Champs Elysee...




These are what I got for that evening...



Anyway, macarons also can be easily spotted at any bakery in Paris too.This pic was taken from an unknown bakery. Not the boutique type LOL

After chewing up a whole box of mini macarons on my way home via rue Champs ELysee, I was (floating) on cloud 9...
Visit Laduree's website at :
Or you can drop by their patisserie boutique at:
Ladurée Champs Elysées 75, avenue des Champs Elysées - 75008 Paris

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Purple reigns this Summer 2009

It's only another few weeks before autumn, but purple is still the most "in" colour this summer in Paris. Every time I look around, I can easily spot a glimpse of purple! I wonder what would be the color next summer... Yellow?

Wanna see more glimpses of purple in Paris? Here we go...

I have more pics, but I think these are enough to tell! Hehehe...
Graffiti too?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Good Morning Dubai!

Can't wait for "splash time" and then off to the next destination!!! Have a great weekend guys!

Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

la Tour Eiffel

Tour... in French it means Tower. The French call Eiffel Tower "la Tour Eiffel"... And it's the most recognizable iron structure in the world! It was built between 1887-1889. To me, it's the most genius iron structure since it has build in the 19th century! I do my morning walk by the river Seine all the time but still, I always feel amazed everytime i see Tour Eiffel...I took these two pictures below for my desktop wallpaper *actually i've a few more for my collection he he he...

If you like it, u can click on the desired size below and set it as your desktop wall paper, too.
1280 x 800
800 x 600
1280 x 800
800 x 600

I managed to climb up Tour Eiffel when En Arip was here and it was so tiring but definitely fun! You have the option of going up to the second level of Tour Eiffel either by stairs or elevator. We decided to go up by stair to the second level and from there, we went up to the peak by elevator. If you wish to go up Tour Eiffel, make sure you get there early in the morning, or you must be to prepared to wait in the long queue! Here are the pictures taken about a month ago...
We came very early so the queue has just started to form...
Those who choose to take the elevator to the second floor, they go up in lifts like the one on the right...
If you choose to go up by stair like we did, make sure you are not afraid of height or gayat, and you have enough stamina... I was trying to control my breathing in this pic..*tanak nampak cungap2ahaha
Luckily I was already on the first floor when the queue gets long!
And I needed a was so tiring! Luckily, they have a cafe on the first floor, too...

Later, we continued climbing, while enjoying the magnificient view of Paris!
To those who just happened to pass my blog, this is my favourite angle of the Effiel Tower taken from my previous entry.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Fruits for breakfast

I always look forward going to the marché to stock up on fresh fruits! If you love dining at a Marche restaurant,they had ally adopted the concept from French markets (marché) where u can get your cuisine ingredients, fresh food and condiments all at one single place.

As commonly done throughout France, they always do it best when it comes
to displaying merchandises. Not only are they cheap, the rock melons here are damn sweet and delicious, too!

Raspberries, anyone?

I see some macaroons here!

Seafood section. You can get the freshly-cooked seafood here.

Oooo... Luv the huge basket ! Not the grapefruits, unfortunately! hehehe

Artichokes, hehehe... teringat FarmVille kat FB lol. I luv boiling artichokes and dip them in Parmesan cheese... Yummy! Anyway, apart from fruits, I always look forward to buying my croissants, too!

I do not mind walking a few extra kilometers from the marche to get my favourite croissants.

And I had these for breakfast this morning...

The best croissants I have ever had, so far. Really crispy on the outside, but tender and moist inside... Yummy! Anyway all pictures above were taken on my compact camera.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gara2 Takdir Yasmin...

The whole of last week my Feedjit almost exploded(!) when a number of people all over the world went Googling for "takdir + yasmin" and they accidentaly ended up at my entry dated July 26, 2009 (Dah takdir Yasmin...)

I was so puzzled as to why they had typed "takdir" when Googling for Yasmin? I finally got the answer when someone explained that local tabloid KOSMO! published a stupid and insensitive article with the title "Takdir Yasmin"...

Image hosting by
And till today, some are still searching for that particle article...

And btw, speaking about Yasmin, yeah her passing has been a huge loss to Malaysia's creative film industry. But to me, Yasmin was really a genuinely humble person. I first met her sometime in 2006 at BSC... But more vividly, I remember that in 2007, she commented on my painting entry. She really made me enthusiastic to keep painting.... At that time, I had just made a "come back" to the painting scene, and every encouragement counts...

Image hosting by

You can read my painting entry by clicking here...
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