Monday, November 16, 2009

Vanilla at hand...

I always stock up some vanilla ice-cream in my fridge. Not only because I am such a fan of vanilla ice-cream, to me it can also be a life-saver when I just have no idea how to make my dessert interesting!

Everytime I have guests at home, I love serving them with plenty of my cooking, but my favourite part is the dessert. To make my guests feel more welcomed, I had always made sure that my dessert surprises them. Whenever they drop by unexpectedly, vanilla ice-cream is always my solution!

One such occasion happened just last week. So I cleverly used vanilla ice-cream for all my desserts.

First, I made poached pears in sparkling juice and served them with scoops of vanilla ice-cream as you can see in the picture above. To prepare it, you just need a little effort.

Poached Pear in Sparkling Juice.

All you need are a few simple items (serves two):

2 pears (I had used red angle pears)
500ml of red sparkling grape juice.
150 grams of sugar
2 star anises
zest of a lemon


Peel the pears from the bottom up, making a hole so that you can remove the seeds and core of the pear. Leave the stems on.

Boil some sparkling juice with sugar, star anise and lemon zest in a pot. Once boiled, place the pears in the pot and cook for 20 minutes or till they get as tender you want them to be.

Put the pears aside until they cool, and then cooling them further in the fridge. Continue boiling the sparkling juice until it gets thicker, so that you can use it for your ice cream dressing.

Pecan Brownies with Vanilla Ice-cream and Strawberries.

Instead of serving the brownies with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, I had layered the ice cream on them this time. Then, I had arranged some strawberries on top of them. Sprinkle some caster sugar as finishing, and walla!

Then you must keep your well-decorated brownies in the fridge for 5 minutes (at least) to let the ice-cream firm back.

Come back tomorrow, and I will continue with the Affogatto... plus, find out who's the lucky winner of the vintage napkin giveaway!


KaSiH said...

sedapnya brownies...buat sendiri ke tu...hikhik..

what can i use instead of sparkling grape juice? my anak buah punya ribena can ah??

Kazaztan Team said...

huhhhh.....sedapye....nyumm..nyumm...nie kalu my son nmpk nie...mesti buat thumb upye...

@xiM said...

mai hantaq ke Penang sebekaih!!

Aan Andes said...

I loooooooveeee pecan brownies and topping it with icecream is a brilliant idea! Anyway never come across with poached pears with sparkling juice! Selalunya orang buat with sugar only hehehe. Have to try this! Maybe I can try with Ribena *hmmm*

Ps: True true, vanilla icecream always come in handy and can turn plain dessert into an exquisite one!

Liyana said...

Wahdi, I tak mau singgah sini selalu. Every time singgah, mesti lapar!

ckucin said...

yum yum yum... look so delicious... wat aku berangan klu dpt makan brownies tu, sure heaven... slurrrppp....

wahdi said...

Kasih- hahaha mestilah buat :P ribena? wine pun boleh :P

Kak Zai- sedap amat! :P

wahdi said...

Azim- later lah kalau ada lebihan HAHAHA

Liyana- ala blog u apa kurangnya! :P

wahdi said...

Ckucin- gilah cepat2 buat! hehe

wahdi said...

aan Andes- ha u try ribena sedap atau idak hehe

budleee said...


pakai sparkling pun jadi yek..

i watched a cooking show where the chef made poached pear tart, using wine to poached the pears.. eh bende bintang tuh mcm bende letak dlm nasi beriani jer?

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