Thursday, May 26, 2011

Roast whole grouper fish
Grouper fish...

Today is the last day of the MasterChef Malaysia audition. I just want to say sorry to those who encouraged me on to take part. I just didn't feel like attending it this year. If there's a Season Two next year, I might be up to it maybe? My apology once again!

Last weekend, I dropped by the Gardens Mid Valley mall. Whichever mall I go to, I must look for its bookstore. I always spend the longest time at the food and travel sections. I would flip through the pages of every magazine, in search of beautiful photographs of places and food. And every time I see something that is worthy of my liking, I would buy. I found this particular recipe while flipping through a magazine recently. It looked simple yet delicate to prepare.

The following day I woke up extra early to get the freshest fish from my neighbourhood market. Here it is my own version of Roast Whole Grouper fish, served with salsa romesco & buttered potatoes.

Inside the fish; add 1 garlic, basil leaf, and 2 slices of lemon.

On top; some salt, black pepper, some twigs of basil,drizzle with lemon juice and olive oil.

*Bake the fish for 25 to 30 minutes
Fish print!


Aan Andes said...

why ur garoupa look so cantik? macam berenang2 kat coral hehe. Yummy!

Ribbon Clown said...

gorgeous fish.. :)

i haven't finish scanning thru ur blog, and cant wait to do so.. im a sucker for pretty food pics.. ;p

nice to meet u here :)

Al Meister Ex a.k.a MASTERX a.k.a Amin Abjad said...

amazing dish...
i put your blog in my blogslist, bcoz I really enjoy to read your blog and hope everyone love too...
come visit my blog if u like...:)

zafi said...

suddenly lapaq! so appetising

wahdi said...

Hi all, thnx for the comments..sorry for the late reply..been busy lately! ;)

Aan- haha thnx! yes maybe sbb fresh kot? :D

RC- hi there, thnx for the visit glad u're into food photography!;)

Amin- thnx bro!

Zafi- haha trylah buat! ;D

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