Monday, October 31, 2011

Fashion photography; Paris

It's fall in Europe, and it's the most exciting season, as I get to do much "fashion photography" on its streets. It's interesting, to see how people play with colours, layers, styling and what-have-you to express themselves, as well as showcasing their personality at the same time... Let's check out some street-runway shots, exclusively from yours truly!

Some believe stealing limelight!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Baking French Macarons!

Laduree's macarons at 16, Rue Royale Paris... Took this picture a few days ago.

No, I'm not writing about Laduree macarons. I've done that before! ;) But I would like to write about this week's most interesting class! It's the French Macarons class! What is most special about it was, my teacher used to work in Laduree's kitchen here in Paris!

She's really experienced in baking and styling Laduree Macarons before she got married, and started teaching such classes. I just love how she shared with us, her culinary story and some secrets from the Laduree kitchen.

There she is, on the right. Luckily the class was conducted in English! Yippie! Glad, since my French is still nothing to be proud of :D

And that's me, working hard in the kitchen :)

Anyway, during the class, we were separated onto two groups. My group was assigned to bake a few trays of Vanilla & Pear garnish macarons in green pastle color, while the other group baked Praline' garnish macarons, in pastle purple color. Let's have the pictures tell the story!

















I think my macaroons teacher was happy with what I have baked. I just can't wait to get home and start perfecting it! Au revoir!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bonjour Paris!

Soldes Yummylicious red velvet cupcake from the humming bird bakery... Morning, Paris!

I spent the whole of last week in London, after spent two days prior to that in Paris. Now I am back in Paris for about two weeks. I had so much fun in London, and will write its story later!

My small kitchen in my Paris apartment...

I touched down at Paris Charles de Gaulle last night, so I have yet to do my grocery... That explains the empty pantry in my apartment! For now, breakfast has to be the last red velvet cupcake I bought in Notting Hill, London... So yummy!

Some sneak peeks from my week in Loncon. More to come!





Anyway, I will be attending my cooking class later today in ille de Paris. Till then, see you guys!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Next Week...

*Hope to see this every where next week!

It's my birthday today! And around this time next week, I would be getting ready to have breakfast, at my favorite cafe Carette in Paris ;). I am supposed to fly to the United States tonite, but my travel buddy had trouble renewing his visa. Just a while ago, he received a call from the embassy saying that his visa renewal has just been approved... on the eve of departure! Wow, that is way too late, and anyway, we have already made a destination change last Monday. Not having anywhere particular to visit at such short notice, I decided to choose Paris!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Quick update!

Wow! It has been two months since the last entry! Only now have I managed to update this blog, and hopefully, I will be blogging frequently again as before! Anyway, I have been keeping myself occupied by making this video whenever I could steal time the past two months... It's a compilation of memorable moments from my summer vacation in Italy and Switzerland. I really love editing this video,now I can't wait to make more videos! Enjoy!

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