Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The jar from heaven!

YOU EITHER LOVE IT, OR HATE IT! It's that simple... To me, it's like a jar from heaven!. I love it in my plain porridge, Yorkshire pudding, mee bandung Muar, gravy, cheesy scrambled eggs, on a Marmite toast and many more options! *my mouth is drooling now LOL! What would be your preference?

Again, I had Marmite toast for breakfast this morning!

Simply spread lots and lots of Marmite on your bread ^^

Arrange some onion, tomato & cheese on it, and toast in the oven!

Oopssss! There I was, licking my sticky finger while waiting for the toast...

Once ready, spread more Marmite on it and sprinkle some mozzarella cheese. And walla! My breakfast is ready!


Having Marmite toast while reading the daily newpaper in my favourite corner? La Dolce vita - such a good thing to start the day!


Aan Andes said...

Marmite - mmg an acquired taste. I don't likey! Hehe. But I like jasmine tea! :P

ian yusof said...

extremely healthy toast. great job .... :)

Nilcha said...

i think this is the most yummy post of yours!
n that cup!! "name is cup. I love to watch TV" is really2 unique! gaaaaahhh... i want tat cup! :P

Arash Libra said...

how's the marmite taste?

wahdi said...

Aan Andes- yes, u either Like it or hate it! :P

Ian- thnx bro! am on my healty diet ^^

wahdi said...

Nilcha- Thanksss!! hope the pictures make u drool! lol btw I bought that mug in Milan! ^^

Arash- it tastes damn good and hard to explain! hehe

muhamadakmalwahab said...

tak pernah rasa ini marmite...maybe kena try nieh...

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