Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pomegranate Pavlova

Speaking of pavlova, my favorite is those available at Delicious - the Berrylicious Chocolate Pavlova to be exact. I love its sourish taste, and its pinkish - caramelish colour. I've been wondering all along, what gave it that color I'm sure it's not from the food colouring agent, no? That's the reason why I find their pavlova tastes slightly better than others, too.

But one day, while I was on the FaceBook via my BlackBerry, Delicious uploaded their pavlova recipe on their fan page. It was their sacred pavlova recipe! How cool! Only then I got the answer! They added some balsamic vinegar to get that sourish taste and colour! Few days later, I decided to bake my own pavlova. So I went through their page again, but.... the recipe was gone! I should've copied the recipe on spot! I will, next time.

With no good, reliable guide, I went ahead and made my own version pavlova, the Pomegranate Pavlova!

My Pomegranate Pavlova with strawberries

For the base:
•Preheat the oven to 160 degree Celsius.
Beat 2 egg whites with a pinch of salt until peak, add some balsamic vinegar and fold it slowly. Add 200 grams of confection sugar and mix the batter slowly. Bake for one hour. Left to cool in the oven with the door open.

Spread with butter cream + a teaspoon of lemon juice , arrange some pomegranate & strawberries.


hOtMaMa said...

yummehhhhhh!! hihi

Syakira said...

i will definitely bake this :) keep posting good photos n recipe ..cheers

muhamadakmalwahab said...

OMG...pavlova is my favorite dessert la bro...

Nilcha said...

maaan...u made this yummy thing without a so called proper guide?!
even with a guide, i dont think i can make anything like it!

anyway, how was ur Pavlova tasted like?

ps: the next time u bake sumthing, send me some! :P

iloveme said...

yum yum..... *drooling*

wahdi said...

HotMama- haha kan!
Syakira-thnx, yes u must try then!

wahdi said...

Akmal- me too bro!
Nil- luckily my Pavlova tasted damn good! hahah how i wish i can send u some!

itamrazali said...

lama taj jengok sini..awak dah kurus

cham's said...

sedap nyeeer..! sllu ada brilliant ideas :)

indahnyasisuria said...

without proper guide? wow.. it look yummy x10.. LOL! going to try this one soon..

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