Monday, November 29, 2010

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and the best Gelato in Milan.

So, we spent a few hours at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele before we continued strolling Milan. I love the bookshop on the Galleria's ground floor - their book selection was massive! What goes well with books? Coffee! By tea time, we found ourselves seated at the terrace of Zucca inside the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. Their super good coffee glued us to the seat, spending sometime people watching!
The top floor houses the one and only seven-star hotel in continental Europe, the 'Town House Milano'.
Zucca Milano! Zucca is Italian for pumpkin.
Duomo di Milano, the most spectacular icon of Milan. We hiked up to its roof the following day. The view from up there was simply breathtaking. Will write about it in an upcoming entry.

We continue strolling the city but I received a call from Malpensa Airport, saying that the missing luggage has already arrived at the airport! So we decided to head for the airport to pick it up at 6PM.


While strolling the streets, I lost count of the amount of gelato I had chowed down! In the week prior to Milan, I had my gelato rendezvous in Mykonos. Having had so much gelato there still didn't stop me from more gelato hunting in Milan. It was the height of summer, so gelato was the hottest item in town!

Ranking top on my list of best gelato shops in Milan was Chocolat Cafe! Their ice cream were simply fantastic! Chocolat was located at Via Boccaccio 9, tucked between the Metro stations of Cardona FNM & Conciliazione.

Tips: Their chocolate ice-cream is the best! strong,bitter,creamy & powerfull. Enjoy it alone or mixed with the "Green Gold" Bronte, the famous pistachio from Sicily.


muhamadakmalwahab said...

aku baru ajer lepas tengok antm 15 yang chelsey dengan kayla tido kat hotel 7 stars itu...

memang wajib makan aiskrim eh kat milan...~sambil mencoret dalam buku what to do list in milan~

Sally at Selandari's Italian Collection said...

Great photos of Italy

wahdi said...

Akmal- wajib bro, since gelato tu benda femes diaorg...

Sally- thanks. Just red about the factories in Como.Thanks again for the link..

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