Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ciao Milano!

Close to touch-down at Malpensa Aiport Milan. I love this view! My guess is, that must be Stresa. Or could it be Bellagio?
Malpensa Airport - Italian football players, Antonio Di Natale, Vincenzo Iaquinta, Claudio Marchisio, Federico Marchetti and Domenico Criscito are the new faces of the Dolce&Gabbana Underwear advertising campaign 2010.

Anyway, we reached Malpensa Airport Milan at around 6PM, after being delayed for close to four hours coming in from Athens! The worse thing was, one of our suitcases went missing! Damn! All the souvenirs and new clothes were in that suitcase! That marked a bad start to our Milan tour. Luckily, the airline's ground staff were very helpful. They had made things easy for us. The very next day, we received a call from them, informing us that the suitcase has been traced to Manchester!

Had this lovely Lavanzza coffee at the airport before taking the shuttle to Milan city... The marmalade croissants were so tasty! They took my mind off the lost suitcase quite a bit... It was the height of summer and the weather couldn't have been better. So the shuttle journey into Milan city was really pleasant.

After about one hour, we finally reached Milan city. At first glance, Milan did not impress me at all. But I do believe that each city has its own character - with that in mind, I just couldn't wait to explore Milan!

Milano Centrale FS

The shuttle dropped us at the Milano Centrale FS station ( Stazione F.S Centrale). En. Arip was smart to have booked our room at a hotel merely a few meters from this very important station. I was told that it's the second-largest station in Italy, in terms of size and traffic volume - it handles about 600 trains per day! Conveniently, the station is also serviced by two metro lines, too. Built in 1938, it boasts of a spectacular vaulted roof with generous room for a high human traffic flow. We very so awe-struck that we spent some time exploring the wide expanse of its interior. To me, the interior is amazingly spacious and grand, it's almost like the whole of Versailles converted into a railway station!

Each entrance has this same vestibular feel. Can you spot En Arip playing with his reflections on the right?lol

Cantik kelopak mata orang hilang ni...

The train station's first floor.

We checked-in to the hotel and quickly went out to dinner. Just a few steps from the hotel, we found this lovely pink-lit restaurant and I had my first, authentic Italian pizza here! LOL!

My vegetarian pizza was so yummy! Its crust was so perfect!

Once back at the hotel I was totally flat! It has been a long day! From a delayed flight, to missing luggage, I chose to just rest in the hotel room and catch an episode of Italia's Next Top Model before hitting the sack!

*To be continued


Faisal Admar said...

i can see many undies! haha.

... and the pizza looks yummy!

ian yusof said...

ahhh the pizza is to die for ....! looks like the veggie pizza that I usually have at The Yellow Cab as well.

Azli Razali said...

hai bilalah nak dpaat pi milan nih hehe. selaur milano jer yang duk dipakai nih hehe

muhamadakmalwahab said...

malpensa to milan city is about one hour? mak aih...jauhnya airport dia dengan city centre...sila cerita lagi pasal milan...can't wait to read for the next one...hehehe...

Aan Andes said...

Bestnya travel *nanges*

Hehehe..can't wait for ur next adventure story.

BuyWoWAccount said...

Those pictures amazes me! Specially the pizza, thanks to you i got hungry. Yum Yum pizza.

wahdi said...

Faizal- they were everywhere!ahaha
Azli- soon ada rezeki gi lah chef hehe

wahdi said...

Ian- yeah the Pizza was so perfect! had the vege pizza at yellow cab b4 but this one better!hehe

Akmal- ye bro, kalau naik train maybe dlm 45minutes, ala mcm jauhnya CDG dr Paris le! hehe o.k nntkan entry Milan seterusnya huhu

wahdi said...

AA- Soon Zara dah besar ajak ler dia travel hehe


Nilcha said...

hi im back :P

so, u got back ur luggage?

as usual ur post always filled with nice pictures!
and that restaurant is sooo cute!

wahdi said...

Hi Nil! where have u been? travelling? ;)

Got back the luggage on my 2nd day in Milan fuhh!

Nilcha said...

yep.. went here and there for a while.. :P
look forward for ur next post.

Pinoy Boy Journals said...

wow! milan, very nice!!! i would love to go there! the view before landing must be amazing!!!

wahdi said...

Nil- no wonder, now am also look fwd for ur Bali and India entries!!

Pinoy Boy- yeah you should go!, precisely... the view were amazing!

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