Friday, July 30, 2010

Gelato, under the Greek sun!

Still about Mykonos :) Actually, I have a few more entries on Mykonos. To those who are new to my blog, you can read the previous entries on Mykonos by clicking the link on the right-hand side panel. Just click on "Greece"!

Anyway, as I travel, I will always make sure I try gelato, or a local ice-cream of the country I visit. When I was in Mykonos, there was a shop selling homemade gelato made from fresh Greek milk! And it tastes so fantastic... Really fantastic! Luckily, the shop was just a few meters from our hotel!

The church of Panagia in Mykonos... It's situated not far from the ice-cream shop. Anyway, its dome reminds me of gelato - served in a chilled cup!

Anyway, this is the shop! Pagoto Mania, and those store-front seats were always full! I had always wanted to sit right there instead of having my gelato to-go but one must be really patient to get the chance! The idea of having my gelato there and enjoying the view of the busy street was cool to me. And luckily, there was a day when that very seat was available! Finally! * En Arip seated on the right was busy having his gelato...

This is the interior of the shop. The counter boy said they have over 24 different flavours available and recommended the best as below. But personally, I love the Nutela & Bounty the most!

Tempting huh? Imagine BEING there!

Since it was summer, everyone was out just to enjoy their gelato! Such a nice sight, to see almost everyone holding their gelato or ice-cream on the street!

And next door to this shop was a mini Carrefour. I just luv the thought of seeing a Carrefour set in a small, old building... This Carrefour is their idea of a neighbourhood sundry shop, serving a small community. But even in Paris, serving a small community doesn't warrant a small Carrefour! So, this is really interesting!

And here, I found a nice ice-cream brand - Scandal! To me that's a bit of a naughty marketing strategy for the brand. Not to mention, sounding a bit catchy too... But what really, really caught my attention while browsing for my ice-cream was its flavours!

Chocolate orgy, anyone?

For a thirst-quenching, instant relief, I love its passion fruit ice-cream below. Such a chilling thrill, for a hot sunny day! It's from Algida or Wall's as it is known in most Asian countries. Overall, the Greek milk ice-cream is still the best!


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