Friday, October 8, 2010

Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos Greece

From Platis Gialos, we took the boat to Super Paradise Beach. In between, the boat stopped at another beach - the Paradise Beach... This beach was quite small, and we could've spent some time here if we wanted, but I've chose not to, since I didn't want another long wait for the next boat... They dropped some people here and continued the journey to Super Paradise Beach. After 15 minutes, we finally reached our destination!

I love Super Paradise Beach!, The beach was awesome! I just love its warm, blue water, the pool next to the bar, and the olive trees that added some character to the entire beach. They even have a scuba diving school.

From morning till night, endless parties took place on this Hedonistic heaven, with famous DJs from all over the world. One can see unlimited fun, endless dancing and jiving under the sun, and lots and lots of booze... and everyone seemed to be in en-massed ecstasy!

No matter how much I've seen before, travel really opens my eyes: There are things which are beyond your mind's comprehension... You cannot expect the world to be safe for you. Rather, you must make sure you are strong enough so that you can be safe out there!
Enjoying the scenery on the boat...
Paradise Beach
Paradise Beach
Here we are, at Super Paradise Beach!
The nudist area... No!!! I haven't taken any nude pics to upload here ^^
The family-friendly area...
Love the fig tree by the beach!


muhamadakmalwahab said...

wadusss...crystal blue water...rasa nyesal plak aku gi ke kawasan sana time winter...pulau itu tak terima tetamu...tak bley nak fly in...if not...i think i will enjoy it as much as you can...huhuhu...

Nilcha said...

Aha! again nice pics!
u knw, da pics of ur foot with sea as the so gonna post the same pic soon after my bali trip :P

and ow.. we as reader sooo disappointed! why no nude pics?! its a nudist are! we demand nude pics!! ahahahha jus kiddin.


wahdi said...

Akmal- Next time bro! Pulau tu hanya dibuka masa Summer bro!

Nilcha- hehe cool! can't wait to see ur Bali version of that picture! ^^

Anonymous said...

yg amik gmbr kat nudist area tu pun kene join the club kahh??


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