Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Black Chicken Soup


I made some black chicken soup last weekend, my first time experimenting it in the kitchen. Normally, I would use the usual white chicken. Herbal soup is quite a common remedy soup among the Chinese, and it usually contains various herbs and roots. So, to make my job easy, I have opted for the ready-to-boil packed herbs easily available at Jaya Grocer, Empire Shopping Centre :). In terms of taste, I still very much prefer the herbal soup with white chicken - it simply tastes better!



I know what's on your mind! LOL


@xiM said...

kenapakah ayam itu berwarna itam..

Aan Andes said...

ewww dont likey the last pic hehe. remind me of alien vs predator. Anyway so adventurous of u to try the black chicken. I always see a few in the cold section, wanted to try but not brave enough hehe

wahdi said...

Azim- mmg ayam tu kaler hitam bro, daging dia kaler kelabu gelap err. Btw org panggil ayam afrika LOL

wahdi said...

Aan Andes- ahahaha yes it looks a bit scary lol tapi kalau masak ayam masak kicap, tak yah bubuh kicap banyak kot? LOL

Ribbon Clown said...

Hi wahdi,

I knew it exists but am not that daring to try.. hehe curious on the dish taste tho.. Mind explain.. :)

muhamadakmalwahab said...

errrr...sedap tak? (@_@)

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