Friday, November 13, 2009

Another peaceful demonstration

I didn't realise X'mas is just around the corner until I saw X'mas Bearista Bears being displayed on Starbucks' rack. To me, X'mas simply means end of the year. Somehow, I felt this year has been the most fruitful year, and am glad with all the decisions I have made.

Anyway, I bought a couple of Starbucks X'mas Bearista Bears as a gift for someone who has never missed collecting any Starbucks Bearista Bears since 2004 ;)

Starbucks Galerie des Arcades at Champs Elysee.

On my way to the Metro, once again I saw yet another peaceful demonstration.

I got very close to them, and listened to what they were trying to shout about. It was actually a peaceful anti-Israel demonstration .
"La france est une farce, SARKO est une garce"
France is a joke, SARKO (Nicolas Sarkozy -) is a bitchy girl.
(Nicolas Sarkozy is the current president of French Republic)
"Boycott, Veolia, Alstom, Dexia qui participent a la colonisation des territoires palestinies"
Boycott Veolia, Alstom, Dexia, which takes part in the colonization Of the Palestinian territories.

Veolia - is formerly Connex) is the international transport services division of the French-based multinational company Veolia Environnement.

Alstom - is a large French multinational conglomerate which holds interests in the power generation and transport markets.

Dexia - is a Belgian-French financial institution.
The 2009 Starbucks X'mas Bearista Bears.

Anyway, the vintage napkin giveaway is still open! You may still submit your creative ideas, latest by this coming Friday!


Anonymous said...

diorg ni muslim ke bukan uolss??

*suka pic mamat melentik yg pakai baju "i love Gaza" tu


[danial][ma] said...

hej! wahdi...the world just celebrated the fall of the berlin wall and yet so irony that the fall of the berlin wall was replaced by another bigger, taller wall in palestine...

Liyana said...

Kat France ramai Lebanese kan? Kat Stockholm ramai Turkish and Iranian, so basically yg buat demo mostly diorang ni la. I'm not sure about other European countries.

artisticklytouch said...

there is actually a peace demo kan....

Anonymous said...

Hey bro....u hv a very nice blog, my friend recommend it to me... whereabout in france?

perhaps could show me a good place to visit. I am here for short course

Izuan Kunang-Kunang said...

Apa kata napkin-napkin itu digunakan sebagai material untuk si comel barista bears itu... :P

wahdi said...

Mr Mussel, diorg seprauh islam separug tidak...

Danial- lah...

Liyana- Yes ramai labenese! Stockholm ramai Turkish and Iranian? mesti ramai yg lawa2! lol
btw, mmg org diorg yg selalu wat kecoh kat sini..

wahdi said...

Art- kan!

Luffy- Hey there, bonjour and welcome to my blog...kewl!

Izuan- cantik kah jadinya nnt? hehehe

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