Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vintage napkin giveaways' winner

I've been so busy for the past few days and have not much time to update my blog as promised earlier ;).

Anyway, for the Vintage Napkin Giveaway entry, we have a winner!

I've picked the top three ideas from the bunch. Thanks to all who took part in this fun activity. Since I wasn't sure which one is the best of the best, I did a draw.

Before I arrived at a winner, the picked names were: Budlee, Mr F and Tiami.

First, I picked three chocolate candies and each colour represented their respective name.

Then, I jumbled the candies in my hand with my eyes closed. With eyes still closed, I picked one candy as the winner!
And, it was the pink one! Winner Mr. Budlee, please send me your home address to my email, and I'll mail you the prize! ;)

For the promised Affogatto pictures, I'll only post them in the next entry.
Find out how I had used my Dalloyau chocolate candies in my Affogatto!


Anonymous said...

tahniah budlee..

cekelat apa tu???????


budleee said...


loncat2 keriangan

thanks :D

tak sangka so lucky

lucky pink!!

Liyana said...

Wahdi, for food photography, you guna lens apa? What about lighting, natural or mini studio?

Aan Andes said...

COngrats budleeeee!!!! Wahhh bestnya!! Enjoy ur macaroon!!! :D

Ps: Coklat Dalloyau tu looks yummy. I like the packaging. Rasa mcm eclairs ke?

wahdi said...

Mr Mussel- Coklat lazat katanya

Budlee- tahniah!

wahdi said...

Liyana- I selalu pakai natural lighting for food photography,lens
macro atau standard *nnt i check hehe

Aan Andes- coklat tu rasa pelbagai, tiap kaler lain rasa, mcm texture mcm toffie candy yumm!!

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