Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wallpapers for animal lovers

Click on the links below the pictures, to set it as your wallpaper if you like it :)
I took both pictures at the Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney.

Kookaburra - 800 x 600

Kookaburra - 1280 x 800

Koala - 800 x 600

Koala - 1280 x 800


mr.mussel said...

comeynya koala..

uoalss dpt sentuh x?

zulfarina zulkeple said...

eeee so cute koala bear tu geram tgk klau dpt pegang bestnyer..

daSetan_7 said...

Koala bear... Hehehehehehehe :P

anne said...

hi wahdi...1st time singgah rumah baru u ni:-)

Anonymous said...

nicely captured

wahdi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J u l i a 。.゜✿ said...

koala tu busuk kan ? peluk tak ?
ahaaaa i amik gambar koala jadi wallpaper.
tq tq for sharing ! =D

Anonymous said...

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