Monday, October 12, 2009

Time, you fly really fast!

Time flies really fast and now we are already in the middle of October! Talking about how fast time flies, it suddenly brings me back to my childhood memories. I still remember those sweet days before raya. Dad would always bring home some basic ingredients for baking cookies. Since were a middle-income family, fancy or luxurious ingredients were never on the list. But mum had always used her creativity, and turned her cookies into delicious ones. But when it comes to traditional cookies, it's undeniable how delicious our local cookies can be, with just simple recipes.

I started to love cooking when I was kid... that's when mum always asked for my help in the kitchen, teaching me the art of cooking at the same time. And now, I am so thankful for those moments. Still fresh in my memory, they seem to have happened only a few months ago... But in a reality, it has already been 20 years! Oh, how time flies really, really fast!

Anyway, all the pictures below were taken during Autumn. Picture number one and four were taken at Blue Mountains, off Sydney, Australia on 9/5/2008. And pictures number two and three were taken in Paris, dated 5/9/2009. I just love the combination of these two dates... Altough captured at two different countries, they looked like they belonged to each other.

I still remember the freshness smell of autumn at Blue Mountains... and that too, has been a year ago!... Time, you fly really fast!


Talking about apples, I have cooked some apple pies yesterday using my own recipe. Actually I was inspired my mum's tuna pie recipe; and using my own imagination, I modified it to create my apple version!

Will share with you the recipe and some pictures later.


Nite Garden said...

Time, yeah it's been a while...

bisa sabar nunggu resepinya dong! ;D

p/s happy belated birthday. May Allah bless you always.

the anThropologist said...

Oit!! Happy belated birthday!! Dah tua yer :D

wahdi said...

Nite Garden- Thnx for the wish! iyaa di hupdate nnt tuh resepi :D

wahdi said...

Khairil - Thnx, tua lah best! ;)

Emila Yusof said...

bonjour! your photos are all magnificent! you do great photography!

wahdi said...

Bonjour Emila!

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