Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Saiful Nang? Who is he?

I was supposed to upload my fried apple pie recipe today, but I do not have the time yet, to select the right pictures from the bunch. I'll do it soon! Actually, I have more important things to attend to... I have to do some research on architechture drawings.

I'm so used to designing Malay architechture concepts, but have never tried any Western designs before. Am helping a friend with some ideas for their dream home - which I consider a freelance job.


I digged through my old magazine collection and found something really useful among them. Bought this magazine a few years back and have never flipped through it since. Managed to do that just a while ago during breakfast, and find it kinda useful!


I had this waffery cracker while I read the magazine. It is so thin and small, but delicious! While at it, I had also managed to reply some messages on Facebook, too.

Anyway, I've been told many times that my photography is nothing, and that Saiful Nang - a professional photog, is anytime better. Just wondering - why must my photography be subjected to comparison? Life is not a competition! I blog as a hobby, and for fun. Most importantly, photography is my passion. So, why bother comparing me to someone whom I do not even know? Of course he's said to be good - he has to be, because it is his profession!


Kunduran said...

couldnt agree more. every single person got his/her own signature and perspective over stuffs. one's food might be another's poison. if to compare the so-called-artwork with others, there will only be Richard Avedon in fashion photogs, or only Picasso in painting. above all, i still do find ur photogs are captivating (of course together with other photographers, be them pro or hobby-maker).

Bitter Sweet said...

sapa yg duk compare2 wahdi punya photography nih? habaq mai sket..

suke suki je tau nak compare mengompare..tgk sudah lah

*tetiba emo laks..sorry

Mas Mohd Yunus said...

salam abang wahdi yang comel,

tak apa la. SN pun tengah bengang dia dibandingkan dengan photoG luar negara iaitu Nate Keiser. Tapi dulu pun dia sendiri yang cerita pasal Nate Keiser kat dalam blog dia tu.

hasil karya dia mmg tak jauh beza pun ekceli. tapi sebagai orang sendiri, saya menyokong apa yang dia buat pun.

tp kalau nak banding abg wahdi ng dia, eh u lain patern la. serius. sapa yang bandingkan SN ng abg wahdi, memang membuta-baca la tu..no worry, saya follower korang berdua. memang tak ada persamaan langsung.

smile ba!

Malim said...

ignore jer lah yer.. some people have nothing to do.. bukan tak leh nak compare as life is about comparing.. but comparing orang and apple is not right.

Everyone been given some sort of talent and each of them is different. Remember when someone from our neighbouring country comparing our work? That even stupid isn't it as she/he not even show that she/he is better then us

[danial][ma] said...

hej! wahdi...the most important thing that is be yourself, you have great creativity and unique...every other individual is unique in his/her own way...;-)

shandye. said...

i do admit i myself admire saiful nang as he do acquire the talent as a photographer.

but then again, each and every person has their very own trademark that distinguish them from everybody else. so what? just ignore such commentaries and keep on blogging and shooting anything and everything that moves abg wahdi.

in fact, i have learn a lot just by observing the photos that you've uploaded here in your blog. so, thanks in advance... hehehe... ^^,

Izuan Kunang-Kunang said...

Kannn?? Padahal dalam photography, each and every photographer ada style masing-masing. As long as you do what you love, why bother who's better. Honestly, I always love your work!! :)

Anonymous said...

If I were Saiful Nang, I would be very worried to have been compared to an amateur like you. His deliverables are different, hence he needs to be very good. But how sad: A painter is best when he paints to his heart's fancy, not by dictation.

I have never doubted your sense of aesthetics, although I have been a difficult critique.

- En Arip

Anonymous said...

I suker jers gambo ko,
walaupun souvenir dari Paris tuh tak kunjung tiba...cemaneh?

- artisticklytouch

fred fozol said...

simply said to them "ada aku kesah?"

Anonymous said...

mm.dah usha blog dia tadi..

xmola komen byk2, tapi rasanya dia popular sbb photography tu mmg bidang dia cari makan..

mcm artis..tak semua sedap nyayi..besepah lagi yg standard nyanyi karaoke pun leh betul pitching/diction/merdu/lemak berkrim dan lain2..tp sbb x masuk line artis, maka x ramai yg leh kata dia bagus..

so..SN tu bagus..tp dgn cara dia..uolss bagus dgn cara uolss..


Aan Andes said...

Exactly! Just wonder though, yg suka compare2 kan ni mcm ada hidden agenda. I smell jealousy hehe

wahdi said...

kann?? thnx All!!

Anonymous said...

saya suka en arip punya statement =D apa pun, to me, i looooove ur 'art' works. be it on traditional canvas @ digital canvas!

=kak anna=

sherry said...

omg! aft looking at saiful's pics, your pics are absolutely nothing! thanks for bringing his profile here.

wahdi said...

Kak Anna- Agreed!

Sherita- There you go,
The entry is about how my photography (amateur) is not to be compared to his (professional photographer). U are most welcome.

Donna Kerang said...

mm..I still like your photos. SN tu photographers, off course la lain kan. You take pictures, pretty pictures.. excellent aesthetics tau.. (coming from a minor design background :P,) and I definitely prefer pretty pictures over some crazy subjects I have no interest in. That being said, can you take more photos of Paris during nighttime?

Lovely. Another 9 months before my trip to Paris. :P

wake me for meals said...

dont worry bro, i still go with u!

dah sah-sah la SN tu wedding photographer and u are more to art and food photography. kan jauh beza tu. agaknya orang yang buat statement tu macam mana la pemikiran dia ek?

kude said...

why would ppl compare food photography with wedding photography? isn't that totally different subject matters?

btw, 1st time visitor and loving ur pictures. makes me hungry just by looking at it. all of it.

asraf said...

i like your style, people who are obsessed with SN are mostly naive

@xiM said...

i love this entry..

it's not right to compare oren ngan epal..masing masing sedap dengan cara tersendiri..:)

suka ayat ko last tu:

''So, why bother comparing me to someone whom I do not even know? Of course he's said to be good - he has to be, because it is his profession!''


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