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I Forgot A Few Things About KL — J’ai oublié quelques choses de la KL

View from the train...

I was in a TGV train from Metz to Paris... listening to my iPod and enjoying every passing scenery... and I got a bit hungry... then suddenly, KL was on my mind. Why? Because I really missed my favourite mee upih at the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur food court... I just realized that I had sometimes forgotten a few things about KL!

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This is the "upih" - the dried pinnate stem of a betelnut tree.

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This is where they cooked the noodle, and serving it in the upih...

The Mee Upih that I was craving for!

* all pictures above were taken from my old blog. Sorry, picture quality of yesteryear! :)

Anyway, while shopping thereon at the malls in Paris, I just realised, most of my favourite shopping malls in KL namely, Suria KLCC, Pavilion, the Curve, Star Hill Gallery, the Gardens and many more, are up to world class standards. The facilities provided by these places are definitely superb! I hate to do comparison, but no single shopping mall in Paris can beat Pavilion so far. Still, every place has its own uniqueness. My point being, how good the facilities are, in malls we have in Malaysia! Frankly, even Singapore's Orchard Road is no match!

I encourage those who love shopping, to not forget to visit Kuala Lumpur. If you are hungry while you shop, don't worry! Shopping malls in KL serve a wide variety of food, from all our own heritage as well as the world over. And if you are a die-hard shopper, malls in KL close at 10PM! I am sure you will not regret coming at all!

I flipped through some old entries in my old blog, specifically entries about shopping malls in Malaysia and below are a collection of my favourite momments from the bunch.

These were taken last Christmas in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

I encourage you to read this touching story about an old, lovey-dovey couple at the entrance of Pavilion that I had managed to capture during the same outing .

I saw an old Chinese couple standing at the foot of the giant X'mas tree at the entrance. This happened just moments before I left Pavilion. The wife needed two walking sticks to walk, and the hubby helped her with her hand bag. Both looked up the massive X'mas tree peak, probably in awe of something they had never experienced in their long-gone youth.

Moments later, the wife displayed a tired and unhappy look, and her hubby tried to cheer her up... Hubby made some funny gestrures to make her happy, but still, she looked unmoved... Undefeated, he didn't stop but continued trying to make her happy, by rubbing her back and saying something in Cantonese. Still, the wife remained silent and unconvinced... I, on the other hand, continued to observe them through my lens...

Probably with a tinge of frustration, the man left his wife, and walked ahead for a few meters... which made the wife looked worried and scared. She retaliated, and said something really loud. Hubby made a sudden turn, back to his wife and immediately snapped a candid shot of her on his mobile phone. This took his wife by surprised, and she looked really shocked for a split second, but ended up laughing... And both continued walking on, with big smiles which light up my heart... Ahh... Such simplicity... such bond!

To learn more about Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, head for their website:


Anonymous said...

Bonjour Wahdi!!!

Je projette visiter la fin de KL de cette année. Merci pour l'élasticité je votre lien.

Espoir vous serez autour en kilolitre et nous pouvons nous réunir vers le haut!


Bitter Sweet said...

wahdi, once approved nnt, i will vote all stars for u bro..

yg apek n nyonya tu mmg best, dh baca ur big fan remember :D
*tiba2, giler..hahaha

artisticklytouch said...

pavilion? ok ok sajork

iols tetap suka keramat supermarket and hankyu jaya kat chow kit

Soulie said...

sweet ol' couple!! i wish dah tua2 nanti pon still maintain loving2 camtu

Emila Yusof said...

great pictures, wahdi!! bestnya dapat tangkap gambar candid uncle dan auntie tu!! so cute!

baincardin said...

Hi Wahdi!!!^_^

it is great pictures indeed! candid moments bukan senang nak capture! ^_^

thanks for dropping by! am tried to vote you but still in vetting stage laa...xpe, later boleh vote! yay!

KaSiH said...

yes i absolutely agree with...walaupun kdg2 tak niat nak beli hepi jln2 dlm tu especially kat pavillion...oh food republic dia...mmg ngences la...sampai x tau nk mkn apa...

prettybeefy said...

cute nyer and very the eppy couple kan pasangan uncle and antie tuew.. chomel sgt..


Anonymous said...

betulker Pavi hebat cam tu iolss tau..iolss bukan kaki shopping..kalau pi pun sekadar teman 'teman' pi mydin kalau teman iolss, suka bawak org lain pi sana..

pasal apek tu mmg dlm memori..dah nak setahun dah yerr..x syaangka..

bertambah lagi alasan kenapa iolss bangga jadi rakyat Malaysia


wahdi said...

Bonsoir Sara!

Sara- Merci pour visiter mon blog... ouais heureux d'avoir u a fin de cette année.
Et je serai autour.
Restez en contact Sara!!

Jue- hehe ingat yer Jue? btw thnks, jgn lupa vote ;)

Art- Ikut taste masing2 uols, but Kat Sydney pun takde mall yg hebat kan? Only QVB yg ada charater...

wahdi said...

Soul - I hope Bem and U camtu lah tua2 nnt ;)

Emilla- Thnx Kak Mila, jgn lupa vote tau hehe

Bain- Thnx Bain! same here...jangan lupa vote k? sbb dah boleh vote hehe

wahdi said...

Kasih- Totally agree!!! thanks...

Che Nah- he he he kan? cam uols ngan ehem2 ke? ;P

Ad - Yes Ad, Pavilion is awesome! emmmm ye ke? so next time when u come back to KL, don't forget to have macaron at Godiva Pavilion ;)

Anonymous said...

aww that story about the apek n nyonya brought tears to my eyes;)

budleee said...

lol, i remember about the sweet story about that couple... so sweet

lol, if you said pavilion can stand tall among all the shopping mall in the world, i would definetly believe you :), since i know you love to shop..

i love pavilion too, even though the only stores I go into is Tangs and Metrojaya :p.. haha.. its so much more relaxing to shop there :)

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