Friday, May 8, 2009


Sorry for the slow updates... I'll be back on track by next week, Insya'Allah, and will be replying your comments! I am facing internet connectivity problem now, actually... I'll skip my Jakarta entry for now and will continue it later. For this update, let's go to Bandung!

I know many of u have been to Bandung. Me? This was my first time! We took a train from Jakarta to Bandung, and it cost us about RP100 000 on the Argo Gede, their executive coach, inclusive of light refreshment served onboard. What I must say is, the scenery enroute to Bandung was awsome!
The Gambir Station in Jakarta
Interior of the Argo Gede coach
The scenery...
To be continued!


nus said...

pix 1st to so klasik ok..mcm 80's it2...leh tahan u edit..puji sket je.. ppixxxx pliz..x yah edit beria sgt..upload je..:p

wahdi said...

nus- thnxxxxxxxxxxxxx gambar natural o.k :P

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