Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcoming 2011

If I had baked Kuih tepung pelita in jar last year to welcome the new year, this year I had baked something different - a mango cheesecake. And just yesterday, I happily baked an upside-down cranberry cake... (will blog about the cranberry cake in another entry).

Anyway, last year has been such a great year for me - everything went well, and I hope it would be even better this year. I hope it's still not too late to wish you guys a Happy New Year! Here's a toast to all of you for a wonderful new year ahead, with delicious, delicious foods!

Mango buds... Pretty, aren't they?




Click here if you want to try this recipe. I replaced the blueberry with mango.


Mat Gebu said...

Selamat tahun baru 2011 untuk Wahdi..

Amir Rayyan said...

abg wahdi...happy new year...:)

wahdi said...

Thanks CMG, selamat tahun baru juga!

wahdi said...

Thanks Amir!

shud said...

the picca yg dlm oven while baking tuh seriesly spt menggoda n terbau haruman nyer ...i loike n can imagine the smell..luvin it

yad'z said...

ade sesape orang muo??? ^^

yeow hoay said...

wahdi, your blog really looks yummy! unfortunately, need to time myself to view your blog (big no when u are hungry, as it will definitely make me craving for food); hope I could get a chance to try all these stuffs one day :D

wahdi said...

Thanks Shud!mmg baunya sedap! hehe

Yad'Z- Saya asal Muar ^^

wahdi said...

Yeow Hoay- ahaha o.klah one day I belanja you my Lunch box! hehe

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