Thursday, April 5, 2012

Better than nothing I guess?

Home accessories shop at Convent Garden, London.

I love writing, photography, art and cooking - that's why blogging is such a fun thing to me. Not only do I get to share my interests, but at same time they can all be documented in one place, on my blog.

Since I've been ultra busy running Le Chouette Macaron lately, I think I better start writing something here once in every two days - after all, I do love blogging! At least, post a picture and write something... better than nothing, rite?

I took the picture above in Convent Garden during my trip last autumn. I took it because I was buying the lamp shade... I bought it in white color, for only 12pounds, if I remember the price correctly... That's so cheap, rite? But till now, I have yet to hang the lamp :).

When I looked back at the picture, I noticed the hanging "La Chouette!" OMG, at that material time, I have yet founded Le Chouette Macarons. Otherwise, I would've bought it! ;)

Since I started Le Chouette Macaron, everywhere I go I'd look out for anything owl. If I find any nice "La Chouette", I would buy it to add to my collection. Needless to say, I will use them as decor ornaments if and when I open my own shop. But for now, I simply display them in my home office. For the past three two months since I started the business, here are some "la Chouette" in my growing collection! (Feel free to help me add more! LOL!)



A real "la Chouette" I found in Bandung last year. They were selling it for IDR60 000 (RM20), wish I can adopt a pair now hehehe


irmafittaputri said...

la i slalu follow ur blog... u ke fouder Le Chouette la

DBI said...


wahdi said...

Hi Irma, ye sayalah orangnya heheh

Thanks DBI!

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