Monday, January 18, 2010

Painting Artichokes!

Oh my! I've been so busy lately... really, REALLY busy! But luckily, everything is settled now, and I just need to pack my things and get ready to go!!

Anyway, I'm now about to start my new painting series. This time, I'll paint artichokes and will combine them with some Versailles ceramic patterns that got me all inspired. I only managed to taste artichokes in Paris, having not tried any before that! But still, I couldn't find purple artichokes at the marche or the supermarket. You can read my entry about Paris' marche by clicking here.

The common artichokes I found in Paris are the green type, as below.

Below are the patterns that really inspired me! If you are a ceramic ware collector, don't miss these beautiful Versailles handicrafts!

Once my paintings are done, I'll upload them here... As usual, some of them will be up for sale, too! ;)


BungBra said...

cantiknye mangkuk tu.

Anonymous said...

x berkenan sgt dgn magkuk tu..nak kata klasik x klasik mana..nak kata modern..mmg x moden..

tp kagum mcm mana leh kuarkan corak antichokes tu sedemikian rupa..

mm..x sabar nak tunggu hasil uolss yg pastinya lebih menguji minda


@xiM said...

artichokes..aku jumpa dalam Farmville saja.huhu

Jill said...

i found purple artichokes in a marche on blvd st germain just outside maubert metro (i think) when i was there last october

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