Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Am now in KL to celebrate the YES (Year End Sale), LOL! BTW, I managed to watch Avatar in 3-D last weekend at Pavilion. Availabe seats were only available for midnight shows - either 1.15 Am or 1.30 Am. So, I chose the earlier show, at 1.15 Am. To kill three hours before the movie, I took some picture around Pavilion. And since Christmas is just around the corner, capturing lights was so much fun!
The movie ended close to 4.00 AM, but it was worth the wait!!!


J u l i a 。.゜✿ said...

wahdiiiiiiiiiiii !!!
cantiknya gambar.. yattaaaaaaaaa !!
hari tu ju ada cuba bokeh =D
first attempt captured pics kat rumah je.. & it was fun =D
nanti nak cuba juga on christmas tree.
happy holiday wahdi !

p/s: serious.. gambar cantik.

singAsong said...

Zhen Mei....

dian said...

herm, mind telling me in plain english what bokeh means?

heheh thanks in advance wahdi !

musyee said...

awesome bokeh ;)

wahdi said...

Jue- thnx! ye ke ada cuba? nnt I tgk!

SingAsong - thnx bro!

wahdi said...

Dian- beter u check kat wikipedia hehee

Musyee- thnx!

@xiM said...

Bokeh yang sungguh NICE!!

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